Capturing moments, touching them with his creativity and imagination, he makes them a treasure for life.

Sachin R Saini from Alwar Rajasthan, left his corporate job after completing his Electrical Engineering to pursue his passion of photography. Soon his passion became so synonymous with his work that his friends named him ‘Tasveeri’ out of his love of photos.

The story of his love with camera began when he was only 10. An inquisitive Sachin, would look at his father clicking photographs of the members of family and later on, would spend hours, days and weeks looking at those clicked photographs. They made him question, surprise and relive those moments and as he grew, he strongly felt that camera has the power to transcend those moments and make them eternal. His passion culminated when his name was found among the Top Six photographers in Still Life Category in Wedding Photographer of the Year 2015.

Sachin, along with his members of team, believes that photography is an art which can make people see themselves, their special moments from a unique angle and perspective. With his team and through his art and passion, Sachin strives to make moments of life, most special or ordinary- perennial. Sachin Fotos is a first step in that direction where he can make people relive and relish those moments forever.